Translation is… Art?

Language is the conduit of thought, of expression, and of course of communication.
In order for communication to be clear, concise, and at the same time striking and meaningful, correct words must be chosen that will convey the message succinctly to whoever is being addressed.
Translation is the art of transferring the true sense of a text from one language to another while taking into account the distinctiveness of that language. My professional services are available to meet that unique need.
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Meet Myriam

Myriam RetyAt a young age I developed an interest for the French language. This translated into a penchant for other languages notably English, then German and Spanish.

For me exploring languages is like a voyage of discovery in which we never cease to learn. I am deeply perfectionist when it comes to my work and am endowed with a strong sense of responsibility. It is my priority to respect any undertakings towards my client and to satisfy and surpass their expectations.

I have spent many formative years in France studying, and have 15 years of active translation experience here in Canada (Quebec). This has provided me with a strong appreciation of the linguistic and cultural differences of both countries.

I invite you to learn more about the services I offer in translation from English to French, and in French text revisions.

Rest assured that I will tailor my work to your specific needs and maintain clear and constant communication during the project. Count on me to provide prompt and reliable services of the highest quality.

You will be in good hands!



C'est parfait!
Merci pour le cv. C'est parfait !
Je n'hésiterai pas à vous référer, je garde également vos coordonnées.
- Thierry
Everything is beautiful. The text is much improved and the letter is very professional. I will definitely keep you in mind for future proofreading needs.
- Sheila
Excellent !!!!
Merci beaucoup et cela est garanti de vous faire de la publicité!!!!
- Bernardo
Congratulations! Your translation work impressed my colleagues. We will continue to work with you in the future.
- Olga


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Phone: (514) 518-1012

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